Erotic Massage London

Erotic Massage London

Erotic massage london gel is a rich and prized substance (which is why it comes with a high premium way in excess of normal massage oils). It has no color, no smell, no stickiness and no taste. Everything is in the effect that it creates: erogenous sensations and excitement like no other.erotic massage london

When you arrive, your beautiful masseuse will join you in an assisted shower. For the erotic massage london to work it is vital that you are both wet. From the shower, you will move to a specially prepared waterproof mattress, in a lovely room where the ambient temperature is kept bodily warm so that you both stay comfortable as the gel is applied, and at which point the beautiful and dreamlike process will begin, and perhaps eventually culminating in a bodily orgasmic release like no other. Afterwards, you will have another assisted shower to make sure that all traces of the gel are removed and leave you in a liberated state of mind.

The name ‘erotic massage london’ seems to come from the Japanese, meaning ‘slippery’, although some people also say it refers to the seaweed which can be a component, along sometimes with chamomile. Whatever the details, it’s a remarkable and uniquely silky substance, amazing just to run through your fingers, so imagine when two bodies are entirely covered with it, sliding and embracing as though they were weightless. The erotic sensation is without comparison, one minute, slow, tingling, and passionate, or perhaps the next, wild, fun and euphoric, sliding around, giddy with you and your sensations.

So why is erotic massage london massage still relatively uncommon, and why is it so important to find the very best providers?

Like anything, erotic massage london needs to be performed well. Actually, it is one of those things that needs to be done very well indeed. You see, like serving oysters or wearing seamed stockings, if you get it even slightly wrong, the result is terrible. The last thing you need is a warm, silky, sensual experience turning into a chilly, uncomfortable embarrassment. And because erotic massage london requires a very high degree of skills, it’s easy to get it slightly (and therefore terribly) wrong.

So the entire process from the moment the client enters the shower to leaving hopefully in a state of inner bliss needs a masseuse with the highest levels of skill and understanding. That’s why our masseuses will guide you through the process with perfect timing and understanding, making sure that at every step, the erotic massage london event will be as it should. Our masseuses all know the importance of this most intimate of experiences and, when done well, just how fabulous this experience can be.

One of the things I’ve always been keen about as a  erotic massage London masseuse is not just the quality of the experiences we provide, but the extra range of different options (within boundaries, yes of course) that can be possible once mutual trust and understanding is there between us. Anyone loves variety, and the masseuses here including me are no different. An example is the erotic massage london (erotic massage london) massage which has become one of our most popular requests, with the masseuse using not only her hands but every inch of her beautiful naked body in an erotic and sensual way. This level of intimacy needs a trust and understanding between us, such that two bodies and two minds are almost together, but as we build on that connection, the physical and mental rewards can be very satisfying – for both of us.

Indeed, there is a further option that we can provide at Erotic massage london in Baker Street, once trust and rapport has developed. This is where the client becomes less passive, responds to the masseuse, and returns the pleasure. At that point, you the client is welcome to massage the masseuse’s body, and I know that many of our clients find this an additional and highly erotic form of pleasure, enjoyed by giver and receiver alike – a natural extension of erotic massage london.

Another variation on this service, which I really enjoy as well, is where the masseuse gives a phase of “tantric tuition”, guiding, coaxing, and encouraging the client to stroke and practice – perhaps even experimenting with new feelings and sensations that the client might never have tried or thought of or dared try. If I can help a client in this way, it gives me a thrill too (in many ways!), and some clients have told me that their own confidence has taken a real boost because of the session. All our massage therapists here are genuine, beautiful and especially friendly, so they adapt the time spent together with the client to make him (or her) feel at ease and to grow in confidence and develop more erotic skills. If the masseuse enjoys receiving as much as her client, how good is that for us all?

Here at Erotic massage london, we aim to match our services to the expectations and hopes of clients. So when we first meet, I think it is really important to understand where the client is coming from – their needs and desires – and perhaps even anxieties too, if they have them. In my experience, I’ve learnt for sure that if we get on well, our clients will return for ever more fab experiences. For anyone who wishes to be passive and tended to by a beautiful lady (or two), or for those who wish to be more active participants, or who want to learn and be more ‘creative’, we can adapt the sessions and hopefully get to new and amazing sensual heights. It’s a win-win for us all.

Despite its growing popularity, there is no doubt that Tantric massage remains something of a well-kept secret. Many of our clients like to keep it that way and, at Erotic massage london, we pride ourselves on our discretion. At the same time, however, we are increasingly finding clients asking about what it might be like to have their partner take part. The fact of the matter from our side is that the couple’s Tantric massage – whereby the partners in a relationship attend together for a mutually enriching experience – is a service that we really love to offer.


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